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Marijuana as a Treatment for Frequent Urination at night due to an enlarged prostate

Marijuana, smoking, and edibles is a Natural Treatment to help reduce the Need to Urinate at night.

Do you wake up many times a night to urinate? Did a Doctor prescribe Flowmax or some other medication to curb the nightly trips to the restroom that ruin your nightly sleep? Does the medication cause Erectile Disfunction?

Many men successfully use Cannabis as a treatment for Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). As men grow older they usually suffer from an enlarged prostate which causes men to urinate frequently at night cutting into their deep sleep time. Also, the medication prescribed by doctors work but they have some side effects that may cause you to have trouble with sexual functions.

Cannabis is used successfully by many men to treat frequent the enlarged prostate problem. Cannabis works by decreasing inflamation in the body and is especially helpful to sufferers of an enlarged prostate.

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